Monday, May 9, 2011

Prof. Frank Morgan was here in UMT!

He's very slim and tall; almost the height of the Al-Khawarizmi's door. With a thick and big spectacles, he really looked like a Professor. Indeed he is. (",)

The seats in the room were fully occupied by the lecturers and postgraduate students from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. I was impressed as it rarely happened in any other talks organized in the faculty.

The talk was really good. Frank discussed about arguments on current time, calendar and population of people. He said that it wasn't him who started, but his students. Young people, students and children, for instance, do have a lot of thing playing in their mind. We have to let them speak it out without fear. If we listen properly to them, we may end up with a new research to be done.

In general, it was worth spending time listening to him. I quoted some words from him here; some for my own motivation and some more for us to think about.

"Let the world know that Math is interesting and fun."
"The best question comes from the youngest participants."
"Don't force the students to study Math. Let them enjoy."
"Math is hard. It is not something you have to do on your own."
"You will never know everything."

More about Prof. Frank Morgan, see here.

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