Friday, March 18, 2011

I don't know yet when I can come home.

For the past one and half a year, he used to come home every weekend. Although his weekend is not fully my weekend (his are Saturday and Sunday, while mine are Friday and Saturday), but at least we had 2 days a week to spend together for cooking, laundrying, cleaning, farming, shopping etc.

However, our life changed since the past two months. He had to work on a shift of "2 Days, 2 days off, 2 Nights, 2 days off". On the first glance, it looks even better than the one without shift as he can come home more often per week. But indeed it is not. There's a so called 'extra' term in his calendar, which means he has to work on either one day of his 2-day offdays. So, we can say that he only get 1 day leave after 3 days working.

Of course this doesn't happened every week, but when it happened, as it is now, we don't know yet when we are going to meet again. He was here with us last weekend, but he's not coming this and next weekend as well. Mmm..maybe he'll be back during the next weekdays. I'm looking forward to meeting him then. (",)

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