Wednesday, October 13, 2010


"She started to jump today, and she did it a lot." said Makcik Ramlah whose taking care of Mawaddah. I can't agree more. She did jumped several times non-stoply when I hold her at Makcik's house. But when we reached home, no more.

The day before, I showed Makcik some pictures of Mawaddah playing with her toys at home. Makcik looked so surprised because she said that Mawaddah never wants to play with them although I brought the same toys to her house. She just played around with her own matress and pillows.

I don't know why, but she acts differently (but not that much) at home and at Makcik's house. Maybe she already understands that her mother needs to do house chores as well, other than looking after her. I'm glad, thank you Allah.


  1. Salam. Puan keje kt UMT ke?? sy nk tnye cket psl praktikal sbb sy mohon untuk buat praktikal di jabatan matematik UMT. tp msh belum mendapat jwpn. Sy rasa form sy telah difax oleh ofiser UIA. Untuk makluman Puan, sy pelajar degree sains matematik di UIAM dgn majoring in Pure Mathematics.

  2. Salam. Sila berhubung dengan Ketua Jabatan Matematik UMT melaui emel atau pun telefon untuk keterangan lanjut.

  3. TQ..but i hope that the result will be reveal ASAP..