Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The end of the course

Today marks the end of the Mathematical Finance 2 course. There will be no more MAT4703 in UMT after this. The course will be replaced by MKE4803 next year, an elective subject.

It was actually the third semester in a row that I teached this subject. From 57 students to 2 students to 63 students, I enjoyed teaching this subject, a lot. I love having the students around me, learning by listening to my words. Their facial expressions, their nods which followed by "Oooo.." and their questions cherished my days.

I have the feeling that teaching this semester satisfied me the most (out of the three semesters).

Could it be because I'd become used to teaching the same subject?
Mmm..but I did change my notes, my reference books as well.

Or could it be because I knew them more this semester since I did teach them as well on the previous semester?
Mmm.. that could be a factor.

Or could it be because most of the students in the class are so friendly, energetic, responsive and diligent that they made me feel like learning more in order to teach them more?
This is certainly a factor.

I do hope and pray that my students will succeed in whatever they do in the future. And as I said in the class, in 10 years time, please come back. Perhaps with whatever experience you have, we can collaborate in doing something for our beloved university and country Malaysia. See you then.


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  2. Dr Hassilah yg comey..looking forward to see u this July...;)